We, as royal we

Last year was mostly good, with some less good to provide balance and context. This year will be different, or perhaps more of the same, it is the last full year of my thirties, today is exactly 17 months, 29 days from my 40th birthday, 5 months 29 days from my 39th birthday, relative to today. What about yours?

But what are birthdays really, but days in the orbit of the earth which is to be an anniversary of the same relative time and position of the earth in the orbit around the sun, our sun, which is orbiting our galaxy at a ridiculous speed relative to the galaxy, which is moving at a ridiculous speed relative to an arbitrary place in the universe towards the galaxy which we call Andromeda which is moving towards our galaxy at another ridiculous speed, destined to meet with our galaxy in a relatively short period of 5 billion years. All of that is only a moment for the star, we are gifted and cursed with the opportunity to watch this dance in slow motion.

One day the dust of our dust will return to a star dust as we were at least once before and we will be pure energy in every form again, before returning to matter again, but that day is not today, we are matter now, and we matter now, if only to us, and our planetary family. We’re in this together… you and I.

We are never in the same place that we once were, and we never will be, so lets move on and embrace the place we are, lets embrace what we are, on this arbitrary planet in a position around a random star at a position in a very aribtrary place, on a small planet at the outside of an average galaxy floating in the open space of the universe.

We are fixed in space for a moment, it is time to embrace that moment.


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